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  • Sports Remedial Massage with over 10 years experiences.
    - Sports Massage Therapy VTCT Accredited Level 3 & 4 from UK
    - Therapeutic and Thai Massage Course (900hrs)
    From Siripat Medical School, Thailand
    - Diploma in Holistic Massage from Mind care Association, UK
    - BTEC Beauty Diploma from Leicester college, UK.
    - Swedish Massage
    - Foot Reflexology
    - Aromatherapy Massage From Thai Traditional Medical School, Thailand
    - Electro/therapy CPD from Sports Academy
    - Ultrasound Therapy aids to Muscle recovery Accredited from UK.
    - Cupping Therapy from TOCT Accredited by Acupuncture Society, London
    - Laser Therapy Class 4 for muscular & soft-tissues Nerves recovery

  • Qualification:
    - Sports Massage Therapy Level 3
    - Thai Traditional and Thai oil massage Level 3
    - Swedish massage
    - Thai warrior massage
    Emily is a Thai massage therapy with over 8 years experiences , she specializes in Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Traditional Massage and Thai stretching techniques, especially for back, shoulder and neck pain. With warmness and a friendly personality she always works with professionalism and can adapt the treatment to suit their individual needs.

  • Male sports Practitioner Level 4 and study in Sports & rehabilitation at Darby shire University year 3, qualified in sports masseuse advance techniques, Eg: Trigger point, Soft tissues release, Muscles energy techniques and Electrotherapy, He also been trained Thai Meridian line massage from S&T Clinic and used all techniques to suites with the treatments.




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