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  • Sports Thai Remedial Massage Experiences over 10 years
    - Sports Massage Diploma Accredited Level 3, 4 from UK
    - Therapeutic and Thai Massage Course (900hrs)
    From Siripat Clinic Medical School, Thailand
    - Diploma in Holistic Massage from Mind care Association, UK
    - BTEC Beauty Diploma from Leicester college, UK.
    - Swedish Massage
    - Foot Reflexology
    - Aromatherapy Massage From Thai Traditional Medical School, Thailand
    - Ultrasound Therapy Accredited from UK.
    - Cupping Therapy from TOCT Accredited by Acupuncture Society, London
    - Laser Therapy Class 4 for muscular & soft-tissues recovery

  • Qualification:
    - Thai Traditional and Thai oil massage Level 3
    - Swedish massage
    - Thai warrior massage
    Ploy is a Thai massage therapy with experiences over 10 years, she specialized in deep tissue massage, Thai stretching techniques, especially for back, shoulder, neck pain. With warmness and friendly personality she is always carry out the professionalism to her patients and adapted the treatment to suit individual needs.



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