#3 By: Leanne [IP: 86.2.104.xxx]
Pam is very professional and very passionate about her job. She gives a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and my leg was healed with just 1 session. I would highly recommend.
#4 By: Andrea Demitriou [IP: 86.2.104.xxx]
Well I went to see pam today, OMG. I have never had a massage like it before! Very professional on every level, a lovely therapist(pam) good value for money, but most over all she has helped me feel normal again and believe me I have suffered with pro lapse disc in my lower back for3 years and tried every treatment with no helped after one session I slept 7 hrs. Which is in heard of!!! I'm soooooo happy!

Thank you pam!
Andrea Demitriou.
#5 By: Jas [IP: 194.168.89.xxx]
Pam is amazing! her knowledge on muscle group is excellent. She know where my problem were with out me telling her and was spot on.
She very professional and work very hard on her massage with excellent result. I so happy I contacted her.

#6 By: Uschi [IP: 86.190.173.xxx]
Thank you pam :)
I felt so much better after the massage excellent results
I would highly recommend her
#10 By: simon [IP: 94.197.121.xxx]
Fist time i have experienced of deep tissue sport massage,is the best massage I have ever been. Pam using hot stone to finished on the back... Her stretching is fantastic I feel like walking on air after treatment. BRILLIANT. Massage that all I can say.
#11 By: Hitech [IP: 94.125.16.xxx]
I have been to see pam from year 2013 with neck pain, the pain is horrendous to the stage I can't turn around.. and a terrible headache. With her expertise in human muscles she put me on Ultrasound, deep tissue massage, stretching technique and finished it wiht hot stone massage. Well the result is amazing I feel lighter after and my headache just gone... I been seeing her ever since to keeping on top of it.

Thanks you for you skill pam.
#12 By: Rebecca Parry [IP: 94.197.121.xxx]
Highly recommended. Pam knows her stuff and can identify and treat problems that you don't even know you have yet. important for injury prevention as well as treatment of existing injuries.

Rebecca Parry
Marathon runner
#13 By: Jason Overly [IP: 61.90.54.xxx]
Many Thank for massage and Professional.
Thanks to calcutate precisely the point.
Are you a straight talk and good sincere service.
I Would recommend my friends to find you
and you Took the Original of massage for thailand .
Thanks again treatment and excellent service

ฺJason Overly
#15 By: Maria Bush [IP: 81.101.121.xxx]
Pam is brilliant!
I suffered with Plantar Fasciitis for about 2 years and Pam really helped to ease the pain in my feet and Achilles! She's very knowledgable and gives very good advice on stretching. The massage is excellent and she is very thorough. I will carry on seeing her as the massage always makes me feel refreshed! Would recommend her to anyone!
#17 By: Logendra Rajan [IP: 82.30.113.xxx]
I'm a competing boxer and have had several injuries but Pam took care of all of them. I highly recommend Pam and she knows what she's doing.

#20 By: Dawn [IP: 109.146.179.xxx]
I'm a sports masseuse myself. I'm always been reluctant to go to a masseur as I've never been able to find someone who could help me... that it until Pam!!
Honestly, she has made a MASSIVE difference in my life and has totally alleviated all my pain... I truly cannot recommend her higher!!

She's an absolute Godsend, so if you are reading and thinking about whether or not to hire her... Do not think about it any more and JUST DO IT... SHE IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!
#21 By: Jo Lines [IP: 79.123.118.xxx]
I would 100% recommend Pam. I had been suffering from calf injuries from running and general overuse. Pam assessed my whole body and I had two or three longer sessions so that Pam could work on the muscle spasms in my calves....she has worked absolute wonders! I am now back to running and ensure that I have a deep tissue massage from her once a month to keep me running and exercising pain free!
My husband had been suffering with a bad back and neck, a massage from Pam and all sorted...she is amazing. She is a very professional and lovely lady, she is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her work, it is always a pleasure to see her and leave feeling on top of the world :-) I could not recommend her highly enough!!!
#22 By: Shane [IP: 194.168.89.xxx]
Pam is a lovely person who extremely accommodating and consistent with her work.
working on the road I honestly would not be able to do what I do without pam in my life, her attention on details is brilliant, she know exactly where to focus and what to do to relieve the pain!

I cant thank her enough for the result she achieves with me, she literally 1 in million.

Thank you! Pam
#23 By: Mr Lee & Sam [IP: 178.107.79.xxx]
Sat watching Pam releave my partners shoulder pain is an absolute pleasure. I Highly recommend Pam to anyone looking for a massage whether it is for injury or to loosen up. A genuine lovely highly trained lady with the strength of an ox. We will be returning for further treatments without a doubt
#25 By: Darren [IP: 213.205.251.xxx]
Pam has helped me with many of my injuries,I play football and and do a lot of training I am always occurring injuries, Pam has helped me with ankle calf and knee injuries, she is a friendly person who does her work with passion and takes her time would definitely recommend her for any muscle injuries or a deep tissue massage..

Thanks Pam
#26 By: kieran [IP: 212.183.128.xxx]
Pam is literally amazing. She has such knowledge into her profession and so strong with her work. I'm training for the marines and needed things sorted with my back, hours later already have a massive change of improvement!

#28 By: Naresh [IP: 94.197.121.xxx]
Went to see Pam a good few months back as I suffered from the most painful legs cramps at night to the point it was getting really scary. I must say Pam both sympathetic and most professional in the treatment she gave me with the technic of stetching, ultrasound and massage in the affected the affecte areas. Guess what? I havent suffered leg cramps since!!! Pam thank ou so much, you have truly saved me from the most painful and stressful nights I would have suffered. Best £35 I have ever spent, beyond bargain!!! Thank you so much, Naresh
#29 By: Alex S [IP: 2.27.196.xxx]
I contacted Pam on Tuesday and by Thursday i was in having treatment.

Pam quickly diagnosed my problem and ran through the best treatment plan for me.

She started off with ultrasound treatment- which allows her to reach muscles much more quickly than with conventional methods.

Next was some manual manipulation, followed by hot stone massage.

Pam also have me exercises to do at home.

As you would expect after any massage session i'm a little sore today, but I'm hopeful that things will quickly improve.

What is even better is that Pam costs a fraction of the price of other physios in the city.

Don't suffer in pain, taking pain killers - go see Pam.
#30 By: Tam Scott [IP: 2.103.196.xxx]
I heardof Pam through my wife's friend Jing and was told that she could help me with my troublesome shoulder after an initial consultation with which she had determined that ultrasound would be beneficial along with a relaxing massage but with more attention on the shoulder pain.
After the first session there was a definite improvement and less pain And after the second treatment the pain was reduced even more.

Pam is a complete professional and is thoroughly dedicated to her profession, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Khob khun make make Krab Nong Pam
#31 By: Lisa [IP: 10.146.100.xxx]
I have been suffering really bad with my lower back and since having my first child it's got worse taking painkillers is becoming an addiction so I went and seen Pam to see if there was anything she could do within a few days I was booked in for 3x1hour sessions and now I can sit,jog and lift my daughter without pain thanks Pam I would 100% recommend a friend
#32 By: nin [IP: 134.196.241.xxx]
good shop and very professiona. I recommeng Pam sport massage.
#33 By: Lisa Hamblin [IP: 10.4.17.xxx]
Pam is great! Very professional and a lovely lady - she has been helping me with my ankle and wrist injuries and is doing wonders! I highly recommend her.
#34 By: Aman [IP: 151.225.14.xxx]
Pam is an awesome Sport and Therapeutic massager, knows what she is doing. 100% committed and professional in her work. I Would recommend Pam as the best massager in Leicester, keep it up.
#35 By: Zaheera [IP: 82.16.14.xxx]
I've been to Pam a few times and she's been fabulous every time. I suffer from fibromyalgia and Pam's massage helps relieve the pain symptoms massively. I originally came to Pam through recommendation from a friend.....and I would recommend Pam to everyone. Thank you Pam xx
#36 By: karl [IP: 81.139.107.xxx]
wow,this was my first time with pam,,,ive got osteoarthritis,fibromyalgia,aches,pains,tight muscles,,i have had a lot of other massages in leicester, i arrived at pams to hear relaxing music,got ready and layed on the mat, and im not just saying this,but omg this was the best ive ever had,ive got very tight muscles,and notches,from not enough stretches, i am a very active person who does marathons,boxing,she is a lovely,polite,professional,knowledgeble,person with the strength of ten gladiators :) she worked on my neck,shoulders,back,, whilst having a talk ,i had to squeeze that mat so flipping hard i wanted to cry,when she got a notch ,,she went to work on them babies,but she said is that ok,,i said yea ,carry on.,,then she done some stetches on me,they were good too,i had deep tissue sports massage,and it was brilliant,,thank you pam,,,,,,ive booked my next session already,,,,ultrasound therepy with deep tissue massage,,, :) so dont take my word ,try it yourself, :), great price too very cheap compared to others ive been to,,thanks again pam, i now see why you have these nice comments,,not one bad one,,, :)
#37 By: karl :) [IP: 81.139.164.xxx]
thanks pam,
another great massage at a very bargain price ,
from i have to say the best and knowledgeble strongest massagist in leicester,
if you get any stronger ,
i think i will have to bring my mummy :)
(im writing this whilst stretching :) like you shown me ,
i will let you no how i feel after my marathon tomorrow.
if you are looking for a massage,
i fully recommend a visit to pam,
you will not be dissapointed,
from as you say ,,,the man in pain :)
#38 By: Bea [IP: 82.19.59.xxx]
My friend paid for a treatment from Pam for my birthday and it was the best present ever. I have several chronic conditions related to joints and organs, and I have never had such good and long lasting pain relief. My pain improved for a whole month following just one treatment. Pam is professional and kind in nature, the atmosphere is calming and clean with attention paid to every detail to make you feel welcome and relaxed. She has clearly a wealth of training and experience. I would definitely recommend Pam's honest, affordable and effective treatment.
#39 By: keith barston [IP: 94.0.85.xxx]
pam is very good very nice and helping me get rid of my injuries she's bin using ultrasound on me and i can really feel the difference and finds all your problems. She also shows u how to stretch your injurys and is very helpful and honest and iam starting to feel pain free
#40 By: Aga [IP: 178.219.138.xxx]
Beata is the most wonderful painkiller ever. In her hands I feel relaxed and comfortable. Thank you for that experience. See you soon on hot stone massage
#41 By: Suzana [IP: 90.215.220.xxx]
Really happy with my massage, Nok was really good..the best massage I have had so far!
#42 By: A cooke [IP: 82.132.215.xxx]
wham bam , thank you Pam
#43 By: A.cooke [IP: 86.179.172.xxx]
I've been a rugby player for over 10 years and have not been able to play for the last two due to a back injury . I've seen countless physics , spent hundreds off pounds and still had pain .
That was until Pam ,recommend me to have ultra sound and a massage over two sittings ,
I've now been able to train and not worry about my back . Thanks Pam for an excellent job .
#44 By: Naz Osman [IP: 95.120.207.xxx]
I tore my calf muscle and as you can imagine in a lot of pain, unable to walk. Pam and her team relieved the pain with heat / ultrasound / massage . Absolutely brilliant service thoroughly recommend the clinic .
#45 By: Nicola [IP: 147.75.210.xxx]
Had deep tissue with Beata today is the best one I ever had, the firm massage with pressure point Thai technique is just right! I feel so deep relaxed. Thank you. Xx
#46 By: Khebden [IP: 81.107.147.xxx]
Visited S&T for the 3rd time with Beata. I’ve had a lot of massages across south east Asia and can honestly say that this beats it all. My body is in bits from various sports but Beata always finds the trigger points and I feel 1000000x better after the massage. I have the ultrasound followed by a deep tissue! No pressure sales. Very dignified and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommended
#47 By: Tom [IP: 81.98.30.xxx]
Best sports Thai massage I've received from PLOY, amazing I felt like a new Boby after all.
#48 By: Alex [IP: 109.145.128.xxx]
I always suffer with constant pain in my shoulder blade and neck, this was hands down the best masssge I have ever had. The pressure was spot on and two days later I can really feel the benefits, I feel a lot lighter and not in any pain. I also had the heat wave therapy which was included in the price, I believe this to have helped somewhat! Will definitely be going back again... thank you so much!!
#49 By: Charlene [IP: 94.14.215.xxx]
Amazing total body deep tissue massage, already feeling much better and would highly recommend.Even got hot stones which was great.Had an amazing Thai atmosphere which I loved,well worth the price and would visit again.
#51 By: Simon [IP: 213.205.197.xxx]
Thank you so much for the laser treatment and sports massage I’m feeling a lot more movement in my shoulder and neck .
Fantastic and very friendly.
Will see you again .


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