Specialists & Professional IN Sports remedial massage/ muscle strains/ THAI-Deep tissue massage

Prevents Covid 19 Spreading guidance:

 Please follow the guidelines to preventing Covid 19 virus spreads, for both staff and patients safety,

-  Patients need to ware face mask as soon as you get in to the Clinic, if you not have it we will provide you a disposable face mask cost £1 extra from the treatment.

-  Patients are protected, rooms are thoroughly disinfected after each Patients.

-  Therapists will wearing PPE kits to perform the treatments

-  An appointment will be taking daily or 7 days ahead only to preventing cancellation, People can't plan ahead too far especially during this pandemic.

                                                    Thank you for your supportive.


Our cancellation period expires 24 hours before your treatment is due to commence so please give as much notice as possible. There will be 50% Cancellation fee incurred on next appointment, if we do not receive 24 hrs notice cancellation.

There will be No refunded and changeable appointment if we do not received 24 hrs notice.

Call or Text us: 0786 163 3259

Booking CLICK HERE! Appointment allowed daily or 7 days ahead



S&T Sport massage Leicester 

is established by PAM SPORTS THAI MASSAGE

S&T Sport Thai Massage Leicester Clinic has evolved and was based and built upon by Pam' s Sports and Thai Massage Therapist,

           Trained by DR. PRASIT KONGTHUP A Thai Physiologist and physiotherapy he’s also Qualified Master on Sports Remedial massage. So, He’s combined Physiotherapy and Deep Tissue sports Remedial massage to treated Muscular, Soft Tissues, Joints- combines Ultrasound or Laser Therapy high power to accelerate the healing process aid to fully recovery quicker or make the conditions get better in chronic pain.

Pam'd qualified from him with 2 years course in Advance Anatomy and Physiology as a Sports Thai Remedial Massage and also qualified SPORTS MASSAGE DIPLOMA LEVEL 3 FROM UK.  

Gaining these qualifications means that she is fully trained and qualified in various Advanced techniques such as TRIGGER POINT (TRP), Soft Tissue Release (STR) Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), Passive stretching, Sports/ Thai/ Deep Tissue massage, Muscle Examines, Stretching exercise for Rehabilitation, Joint Manipulation including Ultrasound and Laser Class 4(IV) Therapy to aids muscles/ Nerves/ Soft tissues healing.

S&T team are very Successful and highly recommended from people who working in medical field e.g. GP, nurses, surgery consultant included Professional sports club e.g Leicester City Foootball Club


We are open to everyone who is suffering in muscle pain and those who just want to take some quality time out from a busy life to enjoy a relaxing and invigorating massage.

Our massage technicians is fully qualified and been Extra trained by Pam to make sure the treatment is in her high standard, the treatment is not always painful, with combination of all the massage skills, and take a Client are Individual needs. The treatment combined Unique skills of THAI, TRIGGER POINT, SWEDISH, SPORTS massage to make sure you are get the best Deep Relaxation and pains Relieve, satisfied with an effective result to leave you pain free!


We unable to Answer or text you back out of business hour, we leave the phone at work, Please contact us back during the business hour. Or Please go online booking.

S&T Sport Thai Massage Clinic

467 Welford rd,


Monday-Saturday: 10:00-19:00 

Sunday: 10:00-18:00 

Booking CLICK HERE! Appointment allowed daily or 7 days ahead

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