ST Sport massage Leicester 

is established by PAM SPORTS THAI MASSAGE

ST Sport Massage Clinic and Spa is build up by Pam Sports and Thai Massage Therapist, her passionate about massage to help people ease of pain and give patients the advice on pain managing. She's well known in specialist of Sports remedial Thai massage, Deep tissues Massage. She is very Successful and highly on clients demand, highly recommended from people who working in medical field e.g. GP, nurses, surgery consultant who have working related injury by overuse and repetitive (RSI) muscular and those had healed by her Treatment, her treatment combined with Sports Remedial or Deep tissue massage be able to cure muscular or soft tissue dysfunction, repetitive, overuse on Acute-/ sub- Acute injuries and ease of pain for Chronic muscular pain.

Pam had been working as sports massage therapist with LEICESTER LION RUGBY, and Both sporty and non-sport clients, highly recommended from MELBOURNE COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE CENTER, LEICESTER for pain relieve Massage.

Trained by DR. PRASIT KONGTHUP the Physiologist and physiotherapy he’s also Qualified  Degree on Thai Remedial Sports massage. So, he qualified to Teach and organize his own medical School in Traditional Thai Therapeutic Therapy, He’s tend to combined Physiotherapy and Deep Tissue massage together and is go very well is Remedial and Therapeutic straight right to deep soft Tissue layer. She'd qualified from him with 2 years course in Anatomy and Physiology include all the Techniques of soft tissue manipulating, ULTRASOUND THERAPY WITH DEEP TISSUE SPORTS MASSAGE, Passive stretching, Stretching exercise for rehabilitation gain Qualification as a THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE and THAI MASSAGE also as qualified SPORTS MASSAGE DIPLOMA LEVEL 3 FROM UK. 

Gaining these qualifications means that she is fully trained and qualified in various Advanced techniques such as TRIGGER POINT (TRP), Soft Tissue Release (STR) and Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), Passive stretching Technique, Connective soft Tissue and Joint Manipulation. 

Our clinic is Specialists on Deep tissue, Sports, Remedail, Relaxing, Thai, Foot Reflexology Massage work related injuries/ Ultrasound Therapy including Fire CUPPING THERAPY and facials Treatment. Whether you are sporty or suffering in pain and taking pain-killer is pointless and doesn't work, we are provided the treatment for you to ease of the pain or injury.

Our massage technicians is fully qualified and been Extra trained intensive by Pam to make sure the treatment is Therapeutic give you the best experience of Deep tissue relaxing massage.

Our treatment is not always painful, with combination of all the massage skills, and take a Client are Individual needs. Our massage treatment combined Unique skills of THAI SWEDISH SPORTS to make sure you are get the best Deep Relaxation and pains Relieve Massage. satisfied with an effective result to leave you pain free!

  • I highly recommend Pam for her professionalism and expertise in diagnosing her client\'s symptoms! :) Before seeking Pam\'s help I was having pains all over my body and couldn\'t f...

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