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Innovative Thai Deep Tissue Massage with Hot Stone  

£ 50 per session (1 hour)


   Thai Massage combines the use of elbows, knees and pull-push using every part of the therapist`s body for Massage, Thai Massage targets the "SEN" knows as Energy lines, using Trigger point, Advance Stretching to relax and realign energies along the body.  Thai Massage can increase the flexibility in your muscles and increase mobility of the joint.

   Our signature Innovative Deep tissues Massage are combines of Sports Thai Swedish Massage, Trigger Point and Soft tissues Release Technique {STR} can be used to help various problems such as, Stress, Depression, Muscular Pains and Soft tissues injury. This deeply relaxing with aromatic Oil, combines with the arts of ancient healing using Deep Frictions long strokes techniques, Thai Massage apply pressure point along the Thai Meridian Lines {Sen} with firm and slow Massage movement, helping to ease muscle tension, ease out of the toxin whilst improving blood circulation and finished with HOT STONE massage all over yours's back to stimulate your fascia tissues, blood circulation make you feel deeper relaxation.

   Innovative Thai Deep tissues Massage techniques have many beneficial effects including:


  • Pain relief
  • relaxation of tired and stressed muscles,
  • improvement of blood and  lymph circulation,
  • control of blood pressure,
  • relief of painful menstruation,
  • toxin removal
  • cellulite prevention and/or removal and improvement of skin texture, 
  • strengthening the immune system,
  • stress and anxiety control,
  • strengthening the nervous system,
  • combating negative feelings 
  • general physical and mental revitalization.
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