£42 /60 mins. with Pam 

            £40/60 mins. with Pam Assistant.

            ULTRASOUND (2 muscles groups) + Deep Tissue Massage only on the area of your's promblem.

            £60 /90 mins. with any Therapists

            £80/ 2 hrs. with any Therapists : Treatment Same as above, but get full body DEEP TISSUES Sports massage.


   This treatment more effective shoots on specific area to ease out muscular tension,by using *Ultrasound therapy treatment* 

  Therapeutic Ultrasound is an excellent way to reduce deep and painful inflammation, joint restriction and swelling. Unlike with Acupuncture is just aim to reduce the pain and only temporarily, a few days after the pain will be back as the same deal to Acupuncture doesn't breaking up the soft tissue dysfunction that's cause you pain so they just temporary hidden the pain.

  Ultrasound uses deeply penetrating and soothing sound waves that cause gentle microscopic vibration to loosen scarred and tangled muscle, tendon and ligament fibers, once the soft tissue is breaking down blood flowing is increase, this progress is Enhance the healing process. after you get this treatment you will feel loosen, pain free straight away and the symptom should get better every day, in a few session (not more than 3 session for Sub-Acute injury) you should be Pain Free!

together with infrared heat lamp to ease of fascia soft tissue dysfunction. These combination treatment is the most effectively and successful in cure /treated soft tissues injury, Accelerates of the healing process. Pain free! loosen up straight away.

 Professionals Often Use Ultrasounds to Treat the Following:

 • Reduce Pain, inflammation

 • Increase Range of Motion 

 • Post-Injury, Post Surgery    

 • Muscle strain, sprain and Joint Inflammation

 • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

 • Tennis, golfer Elbow

 • Tendinitis

 • Migraine

 • Frozen Shoulder              

 • Arthritis

 • Reduce Scar Tissue          

 • Sciatica

 • Lower Back Pain

 • Neck & Shoulder Pain

 How Does Ultrasound Work?

The Ultrasound device that generates high frequency sound waves. These sound waves are applied and transferred through the

skin surface by a Sound Head. The Sound Head is moved across the surface in a circular pattern, therapy allowing the sound waves

to travel into the tissues below. Sound waves cause virtually, deep heat, vibration, helping soft tissues to relaxed and untangle. Is

also enhanced Circulation through the process of the healing and removal of cellular toxins which is benefits of enhances

and PROMOTES MUSCULAR HEALING process, reduces swelling, reduces muscle dysfunction and reducing pain aim to accelerate

recovery from injury.

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