We are Specialists in Sports injury and Remedial Massage combined with Ultrasound and High Power Laser Therapy.

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Appointments and Cancellations


Our Cancellation period is 2 days before your treatment, if you wish to cancel, please give us as much notice as possible, so we can re-allocate your time slot to some one who needs it. If you cancel your appointment at the last minute or just giving 1 day's  notice, we can't always get an alterative client to fill your appointment slot so we are liable lose revenue.

Our Booking calendar is open to make an appointment daily or 7 days in advance only, helping to prevent any possible cancellations or changes.

Because of the possibility of unforeseen circumstances we advise you not to book too far in advance, instead, please book on the same day you are certain that you will attend, however, please be aware that there is no guarantee that an appointment will be available.

There will be a full fee cancellation surcharge if we do not receive 2 days notice of any cancellations or changes.

If a cancellation is repeated with only short notice given, we may refuse to treat you or we might ask you to make full payment in advance for any future appointments.

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S&T Sport Massage Leicester 

S&T Sport Thai Massage Clinic Leicester has evolved into Leicester's premier Sport & Massage clinic.

It was created by Pam to provide the very best Sports and Thai Massage Therapy treatments.

    Pam was trained by DR. PRASIT KONGTHUP a Thai Physiologist and Physiotherapy who is a qualified Master of Sports Remedial Massage. He combines Physiotherapy and Deep Tissue Thai Remedial Massage to treat Muscular, Soft Tissue and Joint issues and combines Ultrasound or High Power Laser Therapy to accelerate the healing process which aids to promote a full recovery or to improve chronic pain conditions.

    Pam qualified from his clinic after 2 years of study in Advance Anatomy and Physiology and has now become one of the leading Sport & Thai Remedial Massage practitioners in the UK. She is also qualified in VTCT Sports Massage Therapy level 3, 4 within the UK.  

    Having gained these qualifications, she is fully trained and qualified in various Advanced techniques such as TRIGGER POINT (TRP), Soft Tissue Release (STR) Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), Passive stretching, Sports/ Thai/ Deep Tissue massage, Muscle Examines, Stretching exercise for Rehabilitation, Joint Manipulation including Ultrasound and Laser (Medical Grade)Therapy to aids muscles/ Nerves/ Soft tissues healing.

    Under Pam's instruction, S&T has become a very successful clinic and is highly recommended by people working within the Medical field, such as GP's, Nurses, Surgery Consultant included Professional Sports Club e.g. Leicester City Football Club.

    We are open to everyone who is suffering from muscle pain, sports or work related repetitive injury or those who just want to take some quality time out from a busy life to enjoy a relaxing deep tissue and invigorating massage. 

    Our treatments are firm and are not usually painful. We always combine various Massage skills from all over the world including: Sports Thai Trigger point therapy and Swedish Massage techniques and take into consideration a clients individual needs to make sure they get the very best Deep Relaxation and Pain Relieve. For those who require a more relaxing Massage, we offer an innovative Swedish Massage which it more suited to those who enjoy a relaxing Spa type treatment.

Unfortunately,  we are unable to answer calls or reply to texts out of business hours.

Calls can not always be answers during business hours if we are busy or with our patients.

Please go online to see our availability and time slots.  

S&T Sport Massage Clinic

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Booking CLICK HERE. Calendar open for appointment on Daily and 7 days ahead only
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