High Frequency facial (anti-acne facial)




High Frequency Treatments are used to stimulate, sanitise and heal the skin by using controlled high frequency currents that generate warmth in the skin and stimulates nerve endings, in turn increasing blood circulation, nourishing the skin and improving product penetration within the skin.

Whilst High Frequency Treatments were considered timeless and essential in skin rejuvenating treatments by those the skin care industry, there are few clinics or salons offering these treatments for today's clients. In my opinion, it is a lack of understanding on behalf of the many therapists these days, more the shame, regarding the benefits of High Frequency Treatments that has seen this effective and essential skin treatment disappear from available treatment modalities.


There are two (2) types of High Frequency treatments, Indirect and Direct, each one delivering specific benefits dependent upon your skin type and any condition you may be suffering. Both treatments are delivered with the use of a High Frequency machine that delivers low-current high-frequency alternating currents to the treatment area via a glass electrode controlled by the therapist.

​​​- INDIRECT HIGH FREQUENCY (also known as Viennese Massage) is an effective treatment for those with Dry Skin or suffering Dehydration of the skin. The treatment delivers high frequency current to the skin and underlying tissue - generating warmth within the skin and stimulating nerve endings. The dilation of the underlying vessels pushes away toxins, while the cells enjoy a feast of increased nutrients and hydrating volume. This result is an increase in blood circulation and cell renewal as well as increased production levels of Collagen and Elastic which soften and smooth away wrinkles, reduce pore size and improve overall skin texture whilst escalating trans dermal delivery of skin care products to the underlying tissue.

​- DIRECT HIGH FREQUENCY provides benefits for those with blemish prone acne, seborrhea and type skin including Oily Congested and Combination Skin Types. By increasing skin metabolism, direct high frequency ozone facials encourage healthy cell function and promote skin healing. This form of treatment promotes a natural cleansing and antibacterial action that helps treat existing acne and prevents the onset of new acne. Clients experiencing cystic acne will benefit greatly from the deep penetrating germicidal action of high frequency. The skin is left feeling instantly energized, rosy, firm, refreshed and noticeably softer - even after just one treatment.

 The enriched oxygen molecules produced by high frequency machines are safe and have been proven to be effective in helping to heal and restore the skin's health. Common areas of treatment include the face, neck and scalp but high frequency can be used on the entire body including the back and chest.

High Frequency Treatment Benefits

Can be used as an individual treatment or as an add-on in almost all facial treatments, to provide enhanced transdermal transfer of professional skin products, or as a treatment for those stubborn acne breakouts!

- No down time - you can return to your normal routine immediate

- Improves the condition of oily areas, drying excess oil

- Anti-bacterial and germicidal - helps destroy any bacteria present through the creation of ozone which has an anti-bacterial, germicidal        effect on the surface of the skin, prevents further spreading of bacteria.