£42/ HR. 

£62/ 90 MINS.            

     SPORTS remedial or DEEP TISSUES massage is not for just sporty person is also for everybody who is working using the muscular consecutive of time, repetitive or overuse them. 

Our SPORTS REMEDIAL or DEEP TISSUES MASSAGE used a combination of Thai Sports Techniques focuses on Skeletal Muscle and connective soft tissue layers and especially helpful for chronic and tense areas such as stiff neck, shoulder, lower back tightness, hips pain, upper back pain.

         A Deep massage strokes which manipulate the soft tissue fascia. Used the Thai pressure point techniques to alignment the body posture, also help to improve lymphatic drainage and circulation, this will increase the removal of metabolic waste or lactic acid from soft tissues cause tension build up.

         The reduction of tension in soft tissues and the removal of metabolic wastes reduce the potential causes of irritation to nerve endings. This may lead to reduced pain or discomfort.

  •  SIGNATURE SPORTS DEEP TISSUES MASSAGE: unique skill techniques and style by Pam Sports Massage

     Combined the unique techniques follow by:

* Pressure point, Trigger point. 

* Acupressure technique.

* Joints mobilization. 

* Stretching technique.

* THAI & SWEDISH Massage techniques. 

* Finished with HOT STONE.

        The regular treatment of Deep tissues sports massage is benefits of preventing the muscle strains, spasms, unblock the toxins cause of muscle contraction, alignment body posture and promotes the muscle flexibility and joint mobility.





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